Stylish Protection For Your Glass Collection

PipePadz High Quality Bong Coasters

Removalbe & Reusable Bong Protection

PipePadz Washable Pipe Protection

Protect Your Glass!

PipePadz™ coasters are the smoking accessory that protects your water pipes from hard surfaces and heavy hands. The waterproof adhesive and rubber pad easily sticks to the base of your pipe, and can be washed, removed and reused at any time.

Rest easy knowing your pipe is protected with PipePadz™!

Product Benefits

• Easily Removable & Reusable

• Durable 1/4″ High Impact Rubber Design

• Protects Glass From Breaking & Chipping

• Eliminates Noise When Setting Down Pipes

• Washable Adhesive Stays Sticky!

Retailer Benefits

• Added Protection When Showcasing Glass

• Fits With Most Types of Glassware

• Eye Catching Artwork & Packaging

• Great Accessory to Bundle With Water Pipes

• Available in Must Have Collectible Designs

Wholesale Pricing