What size PipePad is right for me?

To find your pad size, measure the base of your water pipe that touches the table surface.

Measuring to protect your piece

PipePadz™ are designed to fit all types and shapes of water pipes.

What do you mean by “washable adhesive”?

The specialty adhesive inset into every PipePad becomes slippery when wet, allowing any accumulated debris to rinse right off. Just wash off the ick’ and re-stick when dry!

How do I wash my PipePadz™?


Washing Instructions

Rinse: Run pad under water while gently rubbing the adhesive surface to remove dirt and debris.

Dry: Shake off excess water and allow pad to dry.

Reuse: Once dry, simply re-stick your PipePad to your pipe or place the clear plastic topper over the adhesive for later use.

*Save clear topper to protect your PipePadz™ when not in use.

Where can I buy PipePadz™?

You can purchase PipePadz™ directly from our online store found here or visit your local smoke shop.

How about shipping?

Shipping is a flat rate of $3.50 per order to all US Domestic states via USPS. Your order will be shipped within 24-48 hours (standard business hours.) A tracking number will be provided to you via e-mail upon shipment of your order.

Wholesalers, please contact us directly for shipping details.

How can I order PipePadz™ for my store?

You can add PipePadz™ to your resale lineup by completing the wholesale form here.

Hey…Can I have some free stickers?

Sure! Just send us a quick email here with your request and we’ll send some your way.