Looking For Something To Protect That New Glass Piece?

PipePadz (patent pending) is the ultimate stylish water pipe protection accessory.

Created from 1/4″ durable shock absorbing rubber and topped with a washable and reusable adhesive, PipePadz water pipe protectors are the best choice for protecting your water pipes, glass accessories, and hookahs from hard surfaces and heavy hands.  

  • Durable 1/4″ High Impact rubber design
  • High contrast artwork displays through glass
  • Eliminates noise and fear when setting down water pipes
  • Can be easily removed and reused without leaving residue
  • Best of all it’s 100% washable!

Put your style on display and choose from all kinds of great designs. Find the one that speaks to you or collect them all so you can swap ‘em out and show ‘em off.

Stick with PipePadz™ adhesive coasters for the ultimate in glass and bong protection.