Protecting Your Investment

One of the fastest ways to ruin a good day is to break your expensive glass water pipe. Sometimes they break even when carefully set down, sometimes you misjudge the distance to the table and sometimes sh*t just happens. But whatever the reason, a broken water pipe is an expensive buzz kill.

PipePadz™ (patent pending) pipe coasters are the ideal way to stylishly protect the bottom of a hookah, water pipe, ashtray or glass medical container. Created from high quality shock absorbing rubber and topped with a specialty washable, non-residue forming adhesive, PipePadz™ effortlessly grips and protects any glass surface.

PipePadz coasters not only offer unbeatable water pipe protection, they also help protect your furniture. Nobody likes the harsh sound of placing a heavy bong on a glass table. With PipePadz bong coasters gripped to your pipe, you get a quiet cushioned landing and no more hesitation or worry when setting down your pipe.

So what are you waiting for? Add PipePadz to your water pipe, bong or hookah today, and Protect Your Glass.